Shop with Poppy

Antelope Btq. has a new sister store named Shop with poppy! 


My name is Angelica and I am the owner of Antelope Btq. and Shop with Poppy! 


It has been officially running since January 14th and it was previously sold exclusively through . But now we have our own website!

As the owner of Antelope Btq. I wanted to bring something new and I wanted it to be seperate from my current boutique. The more I prayed about it, I decided it was best to create a sister store in which I could create the different vibes I wanted to bring and keep it separate but at the same time together with my current boutique. Which is why I created @shopwithpoppy 🤎

Antelope Btq. is a contemporary clothing boutique website and I want to continue for that to flourish with some renovations to our style. We will continue to bring all inclusive clothing for all my amigas to feel confident in their bodys🤎

Shop with Poppy will be your one stop tee, sweatshirt, and glassware shop. We will be doing holiday drops and have a regular season drop of the cutest designs🤎

Thank you so much for your support, stay connected through our socials!



Angelica & Penelope


Shop here: Shop with Poppy 

Stay connected here: IG @shopwithpoppy